/Nebula 1.0 Pre-Recorded Sessions (Free Trial)

Nebula 1.0 Pre-Recorded Sessions (Free Trial)

Learn with Prasann Prem

9 modules


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Unlock your potential in Tableau and shine like a star


The Nebula program: Become a Tableau star is a comprehensive course designed to help you master Tableau, a powerful data visualization and business intelligence tool. This program is suitable for beginners and experts alike, providing a step-by-step learning path to become proficient in Tableau.

The free trial contains two major lessons and 1 guided project to help you enjoy Tableau and build great charts.

Key Highlights

Learn Tableau from scratch

Create stunning visualizations and charts

What you will learn

Tableau Fundamentals

Understand the fundamentals of Tableau, including its interface, data connectors, and basic visualizations.


Welcome to Nebula

5 attachments • 10 mins

What to expect?


History of Data Visualization


History of Data Visualization - Part 2


History of Data Visualization - Part 3


Data Viz Vocabulary

1 page


W1: Introduction to Data Visualization & Tableau

13 attachments • 4 mins

What to expect from Week 1?


Course Pre-requisites


Dataset for Week 1: Superstore Analysis


Live Class 1: Data Visualization Fundamentals


Tableau Workbook - Basic Charts Day 1

Live Class 2: Tableau Fundamentals

Week 1 Tableau Charts Workbook - Tableau Public Link

Week 1 Tableau Charts Workbook

Case Study 1: Draw Insights from ESG Data

Case Study 1: ESG Data

Guidelines: Submit Assignment

Assignment Submission Form W1

What's Next?

W2: Tableau Calculations and Interactivity

10 attachments • 19.53 mins

What to expect from Week 2?

Live Class 3: Filters, Sets and Groups

Live Class 4: Tableau Calculations

Case Study 2: Create an interactive tool using filters and calculations

Case Study 2: Porter Data

Guidelines: Submit Assignment 2

Advanced Custom Number formatting

1 page

Advanced Custom Number formatting

Map Visualizations and Map Layers

Doubt Session Week 2

W3: Advanced Tableau Concepts

9 attachments • 13.7 mins

What to expect from Week 3?

Live Class 5: Parameters and its use cases

Live Class 6: Table Calculations

Case Study 3: Create a stock market analysis tool using parameter action and advanced calculations

Case Study 3: Apple (AAPL) Stock Data

Guidelines: Submit Assignment 3

Understand Tableau Dashboard Environment

What is layout and its importance?

Doubt Session Week 3

W4: Level of Detail Expressions (LODs)

4 attachments • 1 mins

Live Class 7: LOD Expressions

Case Study 4: Passion Project

LOD Whitepaper by Tableau

26 pages

Doubt Session Week 4

W5: Dashboarding and Storytelling

9 attachments • 4 mins

What to expect from Week 5?

Live Class 8: Building the Dashboard

Live Class 8 Dataset

Live Class 9: Stories and Dynamic Zone Visibility

Live Class 9 Dataset

Project 1: Create a Spotify Dashboard (Mandatory)

Project 1: Spotify Dataset

Spotify Dataset: Data Dictionary

Guidelines: Submit Project 1

W6: Revision, and Design and Management

5 attachments

Revision Live Class

Design thinking and Figma

Lessons from the Data Analytics Industry with "Chimdi Nwosu"

Expectations of Management - Chimdi Nwosu

13 pages

Project Discussion

W7: Data Modeling Concepts & Performance Optimization

8 attachments • 2 mins

What to expect from Week 7?

Live Class 10: Data Modelling Concepts

Dataset for Data Modelling

Data Modelling Workflow - Tableau Prep

Live Class 11: Optimizing Dashboard Performance

Designing Efficient Tableau Workbooks

81 pages

Tableau Online/Cloud Overview

Team Project Discussion

Graduation Week: Earn Certificates and learn about Tableau Community

2 attachments

Group Project Showcase

Graduation Day

About the creator

About the creator

Learn with Prasann Prem

Prasann is a Tableau Visionary aka Zen Master, Tableau Social Ambassador, and founder of the Tableau Buddy program.

Through his program, he has mentored 1000+ professionals around the globe and has conducted various Tableau training workshops to date.

He loves to share his knowledge and you will always find him on LinkedIn.

He has worked with big brands like American Express, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, and Mahindra & Mahindra in the past and seeks to nurture young minds.

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